Bach Concerti for 2 & 3 harpsichords

Production of a CD, starting from a 1975 concert with the new instrument of the Conservatorium Lausanne. The performance took place in the church Notre dame du Valentin in Lausanne with the students of the class of Professor Christiane Jaccottet. Michel Rochat was the conductor of the Conservatorium Orchestra.





Kostroma Festival. 200th anniversary of Diplomatic relations Switzerland Russian.

Concert for violin, viola & string's orchestra opus 31

Concertante for clarinet, piano & string's orchestra opus 32

SwissRussian opus 33

Frdy Zaugg Clarinet, Inga Kazantseva, Piano

Gubernski Symphony Orchestra, Pavel Gershtein Conductor


Breath Of Life (Parfum de Vie) opus 30. Danced Poem for principal clarinet & orchestra.

Fredy Zaugg Clarinet, Evgeny Logimov Choregrapher, Marina Zarechnova, Narrator.

Gubernski Symphony Orchestra, Pavel Gershtein Conductor.

2007 DVD: "Flowers Listen" Opera Ballet by Lan Yang Taipei

Compact Disc with works of Wang, Chen, Guh & Rochat (Concerto for 2 violins & Chinese orchestra Treasures of I-Lan (Soloists : Su Chen Ta & Chen .

2002 Compact Disc: Tpei Chin.Orch.Works from Lu Liang Whei
Flowers Listen, 2nd version, Compact Disc.
Flowers Listen, 1st version, Compact Disc.
Dao Anthems with High School Choir Taipei & Tsi Found Ch. Ensemble Taipei, Sponsor AMI Taiwan, Compact Disc.
Compact Disc : Les hymnes taoistes
"Kamalan Princess" Taiwanese Opera-Ballet with Lan Yang Opera, Ilan & Taipei Vocal Ensemble & Solisten, Compact Disc.
Religious Music, Christmas Songs, Chinese & Taiwanese pieces, from: The Larks from Michel Rochat, Taipei Vocal Ensemble, Compact Disc.
Commemoration of Centenary: Diverse Arrangements & Celebration in Kuang Fu from Michel Rochat, School of Kuang Fu (I - Lan) , Compact Disc.
Compact Disc: Ensemble Chinois "Dan Tie" I - Lan.

Dan Tie Chinese Ensemble, I - Lan, Compact Disc.
"Concert for Dragon Boat Festival", Chinese Municipal Orchestra Taipei, Compact Disc.
"Master Pieces of Chinese Music", Album No.V, Taipei Municipal Chinese Orchestra, Compact Disc.
Compact Disc: Tuunghai University Chorus(Taichung)
International Competition for Music Conducting: Villa - Lobos "Descobrimento do Brazil", Disc "33".
Lyre de Vevey, Commemoration of Centenary: Excerpts of Gala Concert & March of Centenary from Michel Rochat, Disc "45".
"Vive la Suisse", Various arrangements of folk music: Joseph Castella & his Krotzerans (Barclay), Disc "33" & "45".