Viva Yi Lan  opus 34            We love our Songs opus 36

Escalade for solo piano opus 34

2014 SwissRussian for clarinet, piano &string's orchestra with percussion opus 33
2014 Concertante for clarinet, piano & string's orchestra with percussion opus 32

Concerto for violin, viola & string's orchestra with percussion opus 31

(concerto for two violins and chinese orchestra)

2013 Breath of Life danced poem for principal clarinet & orhestra opus 30

3 pieces for Strings Quartet

Concerto for 2 flutes & piano (Adaptation of the Two Violins Concerto)

2007 The Mouse's wedding, Opera Ballet new version

Alleluia for choir & brass ensemble.

Amen for choir & brass ensemble . Treasures of I-Lan , Concerto for 2 violins and Chinese orchestra. Creation in I-Lan Formosa Festival (Soloists : Su Chen Ta & Chen Shi Jye)

Alice au Pays des Merveilles, Opera ballet, New version


Avis for Soprano & piano.

Alleluia for Choir & Brass Ensemble.

Amen for Choir & Brass Ensemble.


Flowers Listen (2nd version), Performed with National Chinese Orchestra Taipei in Ilan.

Improvisation & Dance, for flute & piano, Dedicated to Tzu-Ying Lin, Flutist, from Taiwan.


Flowers Listen, Opera Ballet on Arguments of Yu Yuen-Keng. Sponsored by Lan Yang Dancing Company Lo-Tung / I-Lan.

The Mouse Bride, Taiwanese Opera on Arguments of Yu Yuen-Keng, Sponsored by Lan Yang Dancing Company Lo-Tung / I-Lan.

Dao Anthems and Meditations, Sponsored by AMI, Taiwan.

"Kamalan Princess" or "The Pearl of the Plain", Five-Acts Taiwanese Opera-Ballet, Lyric from Yu Yuen-Keng. Sponsored by Lan Yang Dancing Company Lo-Tung / I-Lan.

"Celebration in Kuang Fu", Overture for Chinese Orchestra, Sponsored by Kuang Fu School , I-Lan, for the 100th Anniversary.

Arrangements for Chinese Orchestra from Anthems of Kuang Fu School

"Attaya Song & Dances" Version for Chorus & Chinese Orchestra Version for Ensemble of Nine Percussions
"Kamalan Story" Taiwanese Show with Songs & Dances, for the "International Festival for Children" I-Lan.
"7 Words" Taiwanese Opera, for the Lan Yang Opera, in Taipei.
Arrangements of Taiwanese & Chinese Folk Songs, recorded by Taipei City Chinese Orchestra, in CD Album No. V & Dan Tie Chinese Ensemble, I-Lan.
Centenary March, Harmony Band La Lyre of Vevey.
Compositions & Arrangements for Chorus, Harmony-Bands & Various Ensembles.